1994 Metro Xfi - Wiper Light Module Replacement/Swap

OK my Wiper/Lights/Signal module works fine but I got lucky and found one with Intermittant wipers. Swapping or replacing a busted unit the instructions are the same.

You will need a Phillips Screw Driver - 12mm Socket - 17mm Socket or Wrench (I THINK! I did not have one so I went the wrench route)

We will be removing the Column Support Nuts Steering wheel and Module/Harness

First we remove the Horn. This literally just pops off. Grip the top edge and tug it off. Same with the bottom. Those black metal tabs ARE the horn buttons :-) press one and see :-) hehe Now at this point you only need a socket to remove the whole wheel. I THINK its a 17mm. I did not have one handy so I remove the gold screws top and bottom of the center nut (the horn and dampener??)
Once you remove this you can access the nut with an adjustable wrench or regular box wrench.
Remove the bottom Column Plastic and Dash Piece (5 screws and 2 screws) Now remove the 12mm socket nuts on the bottom of the column. Drop the Column and remove the top plastic. Remove the Top Plastic
Here is the module we are replacing. Remove the 3 screws (2 on the bottom one top left) now you see that metal plate on the front of the module. If you did not get that for some reason from your replacement you will need this :-) Here is the column and the 2 bundles of cables running along it. One is ignition the other is our module. There are 2 fat zip ties holding this together. If your careful and pry with a screw driver they will "undo" without breaking so you can reuse them.

Now there are THREE cables we need to unplug in this bundle. the first is this patriotic cable that hangs free.

The next 2 are beside each other in the back next to the fuse box (follow it down from the column so you get it right on mine it was the thicker of the two) There is a wire clamp thingy holding them in place. this is easy to undo with your fingers. It remains attached to the underside.

Unplug the other two cables (the right two)

Slide your module carefully off the column. If your swapping and not replacing KEEP THIS as its $150 for another one in case yours ever breaks on you :-) Most of the parts are interchangeable too so you can even use it to REPAIR yours if you say break a handle or something.

They had the cables ran in under and around a specific way so I repeated this on installation as I figure there was a reason they did this. Reconnect all 3 plugs under the dash Slide the unit over the Column if you have not done so already and secure the 3 screws. Apply the Zip Ties and don't forget the attach "wire clamp" under the dash you had to undo.
Reinstall your steering wheel and test things out. Bolt up the column and reattach all your plastics. Take the time to clean them up since you have them out and easy to handle.

I got a double bonus with mine. Not only does Intermittant works just fine (YEAH!!) but the washer works better now too. You see on mine the washer ONLY activated the washer (by design or fault of my module I have no idea) so I had to TURN ON the wipers. Do the wash and then Turn off the wipers unlike most cars where washing DOES make the wipers go as long as your washing.

With this module this now works as I expect it to. Wipers go when I wash without me having to turn them on. Very nice. Very happy :-)