My 1994 Geo Metro Xfi

Window Regular Fix - Tilting Window Syndrome

My Drivers window was toast. If I even attempted to put it down it would TILT forward. On I was told about a piece bending causing this.
I finally got around to taking it apart to try and fix it. I met with almost complete success.

First you need to remove the Window Crank. There is a small clip (next image) you need to remove. I got this neat tool (A towel will also work) BE CAREFUL. My clip flicked itself 15 feet through the car and out the other side onto the ground. Pure luck I found it. Here are the 3 pieces Next Remove the hand pull. Pop out the 2 covers and unscrew (large head phillips or you will strip them mine were pretty tight) Here are the pieces
Don't forget the 2 screws in here :-) THIS part was a bugger to remove. it just clips on you pretty much have to force it off but bend it the wrong way and it will break. I got lucky and got it off without damage. Here is the door exposed. You just PULL it apart. gently point by point it just pops off BE CAREFUL alone the top edge its not just popped on it overlaps onto the metal frame.
The panel I later discovered its painfully easy to slide the belt out and remove the panel completely DUH Next remove this (its the support for the door pull and arm rest) Peel back the water intrusion protection plastic. After removing the glass (once unscrews it just slides right now without much fuss) you need to remove 6 screws that hold the regulator assembly into the door. On the left right above the big hole is 2 screws and there are 4 surrounding the Crank Stem.
Remove this as well (I did not see a reason but it DOES make reinstallation of the door panel easier later on) Roll the window down and you see the 2 screws. THESE were a bitch. I had to use vicegrips on one it stripped. VERY tight. Close Up of the screws The front screw
Here is the removed regulator - Although my bottom slider thing seemed straight its a known issue so I plyered it as well to tighten it up a bit and silicon sprayed it all and worked it to make sure it moved freely. THIS is the primary culprit it was no longer in play when I remove the left 2 screws it fell down IE it was no longer attached to the assembly. I also noticed THIS track and the windows was NOT in it Note that screw hold at the bottom of the pic? there was NO SCREW! I found one in my goody box that fit and also reached in their and BENT IT more toward the back so the window was always in the track later on when I installed it again. This is likely how my problem started ie the PO did nothing about THIS so eventually it bent the next piece
I reinstalled it onto the bushing and BENT it (squeezed it with plyers) Till it was straight. I also sprayed everything down with silicon spray. NOTE I HAVE THIS BACKWARDS!! the "wheel like bushing" should be in this track IE I had to flip it over you can see how best this was which allowed the bushing bearing thing to "pop out" later on I will remove this again and weld "support pieces" onto it to prevent it bending again. The window is now in that foward track properly which will hopefully prevent this happening again in the future.
Reinstall the door panel Don't forget to to slide the seat belt back into place. Reinstall the pull bar don't forget the two screws inside the arm rest and snap the handle plastic back into place. This is the critical part. the Door panel "HANGS" on the door and then snaps into place. This is the LIP it hangs onto.

That's it. I can not open and close my window! yeah! Its not PERFECT it still tilts a wee wee tiny bit forward just a tiny but but it self rights at the top (we are talking a mm's here) but it tells me eventually this will happen again and I need to seek new hardware. The 2 of 6 screws on the left are the adjustment screws. Trial and error I figured those out and adjusted as much as possible. I think when I beef up the bent slider tray bar thing later on I will also add a support for that front brace since I think it will eventually PUSH out of the way again.

While you have it all apart take the time to clean everything up. Get rid of all the dirt etc..