My 1994 Geo Metro XFI
Tranny Fluid Change (Manual)
Prepping Fluids Funnel Ready Drain Hole Fill Hole

Yeah it really is that easy. I used my second rubbermaind container ($1 at Dollar Tree) I poured half the Syncromesh from one quart into the bottle (premarked by me)
Dropped the long neck funnel into place (Autozone $1.49)
3rd pic is the drain hole. BEFORE I did anyone of this I made sure I could loosen both) its a 3/8" socket driver square hole. Open it drain it.
While its draining take off the fill hole bolt (I used an adjustable wrench) and shove the funnel top into the hole.

Once its good and drained button the drain back up and start dumping the fluid in. Since I had already removed 1/2 quart I had exactly 2.5 quarts left.
Turns out my metro will not take 2.5 quarts. I would guess 2.45 quarts as some spilled out toward the end (not much)

Yeah its that easy. I was shocked how easy it is
My fluid was really nasty grey colored. I cleaned off the drain plug really well before reinstalling as it has a magnet to catch metal particles.