94 Metro - Checking Timing

I am hearing a slight pinging on light load acceleration. The fine folks over at geometroforum.com suggested I first check the timing for the Car
So off course a pictorial is in order -) can never have too many pictures right!
$16 at Harbor Freight for a Timing Gun Check the sticker under the hood for the Timing check procedure. Here is the shorting wire I used (bread twist tie) To insert into this plug here
Timing Light Connect to #1 spark plug (farthest lef) Connect to battery Make sure wires won't snag or melt
This is where it should be (note I had to remove the "rubber" debris from when it was chewing the last belt up :-) Warm the car to full operating temperature Shoot some photons I am at 4' BTDC I put my wire on the side of the plug and recovered so I always have it if I need it (NOT plugged in)

My guess is the PO had trouble passing emissions so he retarted the timing till it just passed hence why I just passed so I need to figure out what is wrong somewhere.
Here is a video I put up on youtube describing the process