My 1994 Metro Xfi

Stick Upgrade

The stick was ugly and worse it was sticky. My imagines conjured 15 years of slimy greasy sticky nasty palms fondling that stick. I found this gorgeous blue acrylic stick at pepboys ($20) and had to have it. Because of the way it installed it also RAISED UP the top of the stick quite a bit which makes it much more comfortable for me as I am tall. It also FEELS good now.

Side by Side Closer and level Overall Tonight I drilled a hole up inside the stick from inside and stuck a Blue LED inside. The effects is quite spectacular. Very cool. The pictures does not do it any justice.

I never thought just replacing the ball could have such an effect on a car and its drivability.

Next up I need to replace the boot. Check back later for more.


I drilled out the shaft a bit so I can run the wire INSIDE the shaft to an inch below where the boot will sit. IE no more shredded power wires and 100% invisible now. power runs down inside the console out of sight. I hope to connect all my lights to the dash dimmer as the LED needs to be a wee bit dimmer for my taste. VERY cool otherwise I LOVE the effect.