94 Metro - Spindle Tie Rod
I was changing the caliper and pads and broke a damned bolt on the caliper. Grrr so I had to go get a new spindle from the P&P I am still going to try and extract the bolt so I can have an extra. Had to change the tie rod since I wrecked it beating it out of the car :-) it was bad anyway though IT was the source of my sounds when I hit bumps. replaced it and sounds are gone! so if you hear a rattling that makes you think bad shock or strut it might be your outer tie rod end.
New old spindle from the P&P ended up not needing the slide hammer since I could not ge the 4 12mm bolts off so I just took the whole thing. Thankfully the rotor is "usable" This is what we have to replace Remove these 2 bolts Remove the caliper bolts (this one was missing part of the bushing slider thingy.
Remove the Tie Rod End Remvoe the Axle Nut TO change the tie rod end break loose the lock nut twirl it off. Close up they look like one but they are 2 pieces. Tie rod and nut. Comes with new nut but you will use the old one anyway so you can retain your alighment position :-)
Tie rod end off. (easy)

Reverse it to put the new spindle on. Very easy process actually and since I kept the caliper bolts from the P&P I have one extra now :-)