94 Metro - Rear Bearings

I started hearing a growling grinding nouse from the rear. Figured Beraing from feedback on geometroforum.com Confirmed so I replaced them.
Remove the tire Remove the Dust Cap and the axle nut Bang it a bit and wiggle the drum off
We need to remove the bearings. You basically hammer them out. See where I am pointing? stick something snub nose in there

Suspend the drum on 2/4's and BANG it hard. 2 bangs MOVE 2 bangs MOVE 2 gbangs MOVE. move means different spots around the inner circumference till it falls through.

The other side is easier and you got them out. NOW IMPORTANT on reassembly the "spacer" is directional. IT ONLY goes on one way.
Here are the bits.

Feel inside the spacer for the LIP that goes on the outside!
Reinstall the new beraings I found that a 1 1/4" socket fit the smaller one and a 36mm socket with the larger one
Gently tap them in Put it back together. Easy Peazy :-) No mroe growling. :-)