My 1994 Metro Xfi
New Rims

My Rims failed inspection. As did the lugnuts. They were starting to pull right through the rims! SO I spent a week calling salvage yards till I found 4 good rims. I have brand spanking new tires on this so I did not want to have to buy more tires and I like how light and small they are. SO I found 4 good 12" rims. My spare tire was just that a TIRE no rim so the best old rim became my spare tire rim :-)

Like a dummy I did not get BEFORE images. They were pretty rusty but in GOOD SHAPE. and no deformation or damage to the lug holes! so I attached a brass wire wheel to my drill and went to town on them. Some degreaser and rinse. Then at the power wash I brushed them down good and power washed them. Already looking nice

I bought my weapons for my spray bomb job. Rustoleum wheel paint. Rust Primer a nice Metal flake Grey (thought it was black) and clear coat.

2 Coats of Primer 3 coats of color and 2 coats of clear

These are the wheels all done Nice close up of the finish Amazing how TINY they are. the different color splotches is over spray. Not relevant so I did not fix. I painted 100% of the rims inside and out to inhibit rust in the future. Mounted on the car. They look really nice with the chrome nuts. I need 3 more of those caps.
The car with its new wheels. These last two shots are cell phone shots so a little grainy. Here are the new Aluminum Rims I found at the pic and pull on a 93 Metro There was no question I had to have them Can you help me identify them? I have 4 but need at least 2 more.
This weekend I will clean them up and stalk down some of the larger lugnuts I need it only had 6 on the car so I need 10 more.      

I found a shop that will powder coat the rims for $90 a pop in the nice dual layer metal flake cobalt blue I want. I am going to wait till spring since I don't have that kind of cash and I want to look for other rims first before going headlong into that path. Will see what I find. For now they are good enough.


I found those new rims. Added the pics above. THESE are the ones I want to get powder coated :-) Very cool rims!