My 1994 Geo Metro XFI
New Rear Speakers 6x9's DO fit in the back!

There are 2 "push pins" here and something else (arrow pointing down) missing on both mine not sure if its a screw or a push pin
The one on the left you need to push the seat cushion down to get to it.

remove these 3 screws Original Speaker mount 3 screws holding it in 4 holding the speaker in. The passenger speaker was hosed the cone was completely rotted away :-) The bits
Chop it up so it looked like this I used that ONE hold to mount. I also left that stuff on the inside of the car's exterior surface since the speaker is deep enough to TOUCH here and that will keep it from rattling. IPassenger Side installed That cone I point you to TOUCH the inside of the stock panel. You can press it quite a bit without damage but be warned push to hard and it likely would break. If you can get one that does not "stick out" so far all the better

Drivers Side installed

Later on I will fab some braces for the indicated locations to make things more secure

The Improvement in sound is great! These speakers are NOT very good in fact they suck. But compared to stock speakers they are amazaing.
It could also be my stereo 60watts is not powerful enough for them Either way I am pleased.

Combined with my 5.1 digital surround sound and woofer it sounds VERY nice in the car now. No more crackling no more bass issues. and they were only $24 for the pair at wallworld.

All I need now is a bit more power up front. its too "rear" heavy. and I can not shift the fade since fading FORWARD kills the amp out to the 5.1 for some reason
I may "flip" the wires and make the front the back and the back the front since when I fade BACK I don't lose the 5.1 so if I make back front I will be able
to shift forward without losing the 5.1