My 1994 Metro
New Radio Install

The stock radio was MIA. Someone had shoved a wrong sized mitsubishi radio into it and wired it ALL WRONG. Thankfully all the stock wires where at least still there.

I found this VERY cool radio at walmart. NO CD (I never use them in the car) Just Radio and MP3 via SD and USB and a Line in jack. Perfect and only $40!

Here is the new radio. Not bad really. With no CD its Micro Sized. Perfect Tiny radio for my tiny car :-) Took off the busted into 4 pieces Bezel (I have a new one coming from ebay) Installed the mount on the existin face. I bents as many tabs as I could and ended up with a super tight snug fit.
Yeah I saw the broken part I glued it back together. More tabs. More tabs. ROCK SOLID now. it does not wiggle at all now. Should prove nice and sturdy. Here is the wires all connected and taped up. Plug them in. I plan to use those amp out ports!
Installed in the dash Bezel pieces back in place. the shiny guey stuff was already there. When I tear it back apart to replace the bezel I will clean that all up. It was cold this morning I Just wanted to get it done. All done and looking VERY NICE. all functions work as expected and quite nicely especially for a $40 radio! I am impressed. A little more light.

It is too bright at night even that little screen. No dimming possible so I will put a piece of window tint on the screen to dull it at night.

all 4 speakers are blown but the wiring is good. I replaced the front 2 and have to hunt down 2 more 4" speakers on saturday. Replacing the fronts neede no pictures. remove 2 screws and 1 pop out holder and it came apart easily enough. 2 screws hold the speakers in. Unplug the stock speakers. I did not want to tear up the wires so I bents the clips that came with it as needed and forcefully slide them INTO the stock wire clips on the car. Very snug good fit. Now I can plug in the new speakers without cutting any wires or connectors. I will keep the factory plugs "just in case" in my goodie parts bag.

Sounds good. Looks good. Once I put the face frame on it cleaned things up really nicely. I am really impressed for $40!