94 Metro - Mouse gets a Tail

Could not tow the new tail home because it was not legal yet and it had a 1 7/8" coupler. So I strapped it to the top of he jeep :-) Its so tiny :-) Drilled 4 holes under the tire well
$16 go me a 3500 pounds bumper hitch from Harbor Freight Side View The holes are exactly the size of the bolts to mazimize the metal load spread and minimize chance of pull through. Hardware from Homedepot finished the install All good strong hardware and some fender washers to spread the load.
It hangs No lower than anything else on the car And is far enough forward to be invisible when not in use but is a normal 2" reciever. Nice. $8 got me the wiring kit from Harbor Freight and $4 got me the tester which will also be the plug when not in use to keep things clean and neat. Remove the bottom tail gate area cover don't forget the pins at the bottom!
Here is the wiring harness to the Drivers side tail light. I used the schemes in the FSM to figure the wires out Tested it by shoving the wires in here (Passenger side turn signal is on the other clip on the other side) Wires from behind - I used the splicers it came with to install. Used the tester to make sure all was wired properly. This car is SEPARATE turn and brake so I need to get an adaptor so I can have both for now I rigged for running lights and turn signals since you can clearly see the mouse's brake lights over the trailer.
There were covers over these holes?? one was missing so I used is as the egress for the wires. Fits nice and snug for storage Trailer hooked up! It sits low in the front I would later discover it only took a tiny "shove" to get the 2" riser draw bar to link up properly.
So it now sits perfectly level even loaded down. 42x48" surface area. PERFECT for my little mouse. Gonna have to paint it blue to match now :-)

That center brace on the under side provides a lot of support. I made my extensions JUST a bit shorter than that piece so its physically compressing that central brace. This makes it VERY stiff and provides significant support for the hits and because it slightly bows the hitch plate just a bit provides very good lateral support to the hitch. Even with 400 or so pounds on the trailer (about the max I feel safe with) ZERO deformation in the metal of any of the parts even after a 2.5 hours 125 mile trip. I am very pleased. I still plan later to add "plate" metal sandwich to the inside and ouside to "spread" the forces more and thicken the metal just in case.