Metro Log 2010

This is my Metro Log. as things happen change or whatever I will update this page. Newest news at the top
2009 - 2010


Metro Log - Mpg Date 2010-1024

Finally got around to some electrical work on the mouse. As some may know I have 5.1 surround sound in the car via some Logitech X540's (awesome speaker set) which of course runs off an inverter. The internal wiring could not handle the load so I ran a wire DIRECT to the battery. well today I finally got around to conneting my switch to this so I don't have to keep yanking the plug from the inverter :-) I jusat cut "one" of the two wires going to the inverter (no idea which one but does not matter since its an isolated system) I installed the switch into an empty "port" under the dash as show.

I also finally got my Diagnostic Mode switch installed. On my year metro there is an empty fuse slot. You put a fuse in this slot (completing the circuit) and then turn the key to on. it blinks out your check engine codes using the check engine light. Well I am 6'3" and its a royal PITA to get under the damned dash to do this. SO I shorted out a fuse soldered some wire to it and ran it to another switch on the dash. NOW al I have to do is flip the switch and turn the key to on to read out the code and turn the switch off when I am done.

this also lets you nab them "short lived" codes that go away before you have time to mess around with the fuse box.

Just finished this a few minutes ago will install in the morning. Going to make my life so much easier :-)

Metro Log - Mpg Date 2010-1009

-I scored some Riding Lawn Tractors on Craigslist. I am going to try my hand at buying them cheap in the winter and selling them for a profit in the spring. I tend to lag on following through so I am only buying tractors for $100 or less and only if they run. Come spring I should be able to get a MINIMUM of $250 for each one! (I hope)

I scored 4 so far. 1 died on me (my fault) 2 I am keeping the last 2 I will sell and any more I get I will sell. I still have to find all the pictures :-)

Here is the Hechinger MTD Tractor and a Servistar MTD Tractor. That Servistar was a real Tailgater :-) Scored a PLOW with the Hechinger!

We needed some lumber and some Stockade Fence so Mouse to the Rescue :-)

7th person to whack my trailer finally stressed the stock steel too much. SO time for some reinforcements. I believe the hitch area is now stronger than the rest of the car :-) I hope to never test that theory :-) That metal plate conforms to the "curve" of the tube where the spare tire goes and is also bolted through the backside as well so its bolted to 2 diferent planes giving me 3D structural support. the 12" spare still fits a 13" spare will not so I need to work on those L brackets some so I can fit a full size spare in there.

Ooops looks like someone else had some "trailer woes" too. I watched it fall off the truck. Very lucky it was only 1 or 2 mph when it happened.

And had to fetch another 2200 DVD cases. This time I got a "cargo net" so I could use the trailer instead of filling the cabin :-)

Metro Log - Mpg Date 2010-0721

Geo Palooza 2010

Metro Log - Mpg Date 2010-0518

You guys are gonna love this. Went up to edison NJ to get some DVD Cases. got a GREAT deal $60 per 500 cases so we got 2000 cases or 20 boxes of 100 each. Yup they fit did not even have to empty the hatch or drop the seat (though I will next time I THINK I can get 25 boxes in here with empty hatch dropped seat)

thats 11 in the back seat and 7 up front 2 in the hatch.

OWE did I mention I also got a FREE Jetski (sans motor) so I took the trailer and tossed that on the back since the ski guy was only 17 miles from the DVD Cases guy!

Oh Yeah :-) the amazing mouse! The ski was NOT heavy but it created an intereting aerodynamics situation I need to resolve before I tow another ski. 2 times the trailer started fish tailing on me and was a bear to bring under control again. The car took it fine I could feel the wiggle but not a threat to the metro but the TRAILER really started to get hinky on me. Problem is the only way to unhinky a hinky fishy trailer is to GIVE IT GAS to pull out of the fishy but then you end up going even faster if it don't stop (or find a source of DRAG the rumble strips on the shoulder worked great)

Had to keep it under 45mph to avoid it. Only did it twice was not going to give it a third chance :-)

Metro Log - Mpg Date 2010-0514

I finally cot around to fabbing up a prototype hatch cover for my mouse. I have been itching too ever since I got lucky and scored those plastic bits to install the cover. Well the prototype is done! and it looks nice!

Metro Log - Mpg Date 2010-0425

Some more neat pictures. The rain looked cool on the windscreen on one drive. Also saw a neat license plate :-) Got stuck in traffic for over 40 minutes again Grrr but saw a cute dog stuck in traffic with us

Saw an awesome looking truck up near the mall at a car dealership and in landsdale saw one of those old mercedes vehicles I love so much (had a similar one a 75 and a 76 300D

This is the latest loads I carried on my Mouse's Tail. 270 pounds of E0 gasoline for testing! and some cool OAK flooring I snatched for free off craigslist. In the past I would have passed on the flooring since it would have cost me so much in fuel to go get it. With my mouse and its new tail it costs me almost nothing since it was only 4 miles off my route anyway (if I needed to take the jeep or van I would have had the higher fuel usage for the WHOLE 160 miles of driving that day ie a lot of gas at 13 or 17 mpg but very little at 50mpg :-)

and talk about FREAKING COOL. up west of allentown I saw THIS at the waway so of course I HAD To get a side by side :-) Here we have one of the cheapest slowest lowest power highest fuel economy cars next to one of the lowest fuel economy but fastest highest performance carzy EXPENSIVE cars :-)

Metro Log - Mpg Date 2010-0418

-Been very busy no update in a while now a ton of updates. Instead of making an entry for each date for these updates I am just going to make one huge update right here :-)

I started washing my gas. IE I mix gasoline and water which causes the Ethanol to phase separate IE removing the ethanol from the gas. I then drain off the water and ethanol once it settles (gas is lighter) and then pour this into the car. My Fuel economy skyrockets to 54-56 mpg ! WOW what an improvement. I did the math. I can buy 10 gallons of E10 REMOVE the gallon of Alcohol put the 9 gallons of resulting washed gas into my car and go MORE MILES than if I put the full 10 gallons into the car with the ethanol. Something is wrong with this numbers.

I also now found out where I can get Ethanol Free gasoline so the testing will now begin!

I replaced my Calipers, Pads, Spindle & Tie Rod End, and Control Rod and I also now have a Tail for my mouse!

A new Trailer and Installed Hitch mount!

And its already paid for itself :-) We needed a sofa at work.
SO away I went and came home with this


A few days later I spied another Trailer just like mine

and just yesterday I brought a nice washing machine home for my brother's friend 125 miles! she changed her mind did not want it so screw her I am keeping it. Its a nice $500 kenmore. Mine now. (we got it for FREE for her and she is afraid its too old we tested it works just fine mine now)

AND I now know exactly what Color I want my car to be. Dodge Surf Blue This is where I saw it at Taco Bell on a Dodge Caliber.
THIS IS what color my mouse will be :-)

Metro Log - Mpg Date 2010-0321

Finally got around to fixing the belt so it stops squealing. I am concerned that I had to go to MAX position on the adjustment (wrong belt??) but it seems to be working. No squealing. We will see if it holds up.

Also finally got rid of the rotten (literally) busted speakers in the back. I got some nice aluminum and carbon 6x9's for $24 at wally world and HEY they fit! with some hacking they fit with the stock plastics so it looks factory!! nice!

Cheap speakers but huge improvement. Combined with my 5.1 Digital Surround sound and its starting to sound VERY nice in the mouse!

Now I just need more power up front to even things out....

Metro Log - Mpg Date 2010-0320

Installed my new Oooga Horn! I absolutely Love it! Also changed my tranny fluid with syncromesh. So far I can not "feel" or "hear" any difference but I assume its doing its thing well.

Metro Log - Mpg Date 2010-0308

I finally fixed my drivers window so I can now open and close my window! Yeah! I also replaced the struts for the rear hatch. Its all working perfectly now :-) yeah!


Metro Log - Mpg date 2010-0104

Got the nuts and finally installed the new tires. WOW what a difference. I mean a truly spectacular difference in the overall LOOK of the car and even MORE importantly an unexpected "truly massive" improvement in ride comfort.

While the car never "hurt" me or caused me any pain on bumps and holes etc.. others complained heavily (some of them have back issues) what did bother me and make me CRINGE every time I hit one is while logically I knew it would not happen mentally the way is sounded and felt made me think some part of the car was going to rip free or bend in half every time I hit something.

The new tires DRAMATICALLY reduce the discomfort on bumps. I am talking an immediate and immediately obviously noticiable difference in ride comfort! it actually feels like a normal low end car now.

I also no longer feel like something is going to break when I hit a bump or pot hole.

Truly WOW. but the mpg's will decide. these tires are quite a bit wider than I had thought once I placed them next to my originals. about 1.5" wider. if I lose an mpg or two I will be ok but if it drops too much I will have to seek alternatives. I LOVE the rims so I would try narrower tires first.

I will try to remember to get a side by side of the two tires later on. Here is a pic of the car with the new rims. I gave them a basic scrubbing but I need to clean them up more once its above 12' around here. :-)

It does effect the odo. I lose .1 miles per 2 miles now. so I need to use a multiplyer of 1.05 to get accurate odo read outs. Thats ok. Speedo is a little off now too. Once I go with the custom cluster all that will go away since I can "set" it custom anytime I make a change like this. Now to find some center caps :-) really hate that hole. but WOW what an improvement both in comfort and looks. really just totally changes the overall look of the car very much for the better.


Metro Log - Mpg date 2010-0101

Its been a while. Life has been busy. I figured I would post some pics of the junk yard rapes I am performing to scavenge parts for my metro. got lots of screws bolts knobs 3 mirrors now so I won't have to worry about that for a while.

Discovered changing the headlight buckets requires removal of the fender. I am going to fix that problem on my car by welding in a SS blind nut so I do not have to remove the fender to do this in the future.

got a few more sensors etc.. Here are some random pics from the yard. This place is great. Good prices and its FUN to do :-)

This is the first car I ripped apart. got almost all my initial parts from this car (someone else yanks the drive train) This is also the metro I got my wheels from which I am FINALLY going to install! My bulge nuts will be here in a few days!

I removed the dash (too expensive to buy though) it was a pain but not as hard as I thought. Putting it back in without a guide would not be fun though :-)

That's my brother Logan.

I want to grab the wheel units from this car so upgrade the brakes etc.. and goto 12mm. Maybe in the spring.

I REALLY want to cut a 2door and a 4door in half and weld them together. should only add maybe 50-100 pounds to the car but will net me FOUR DOORS more room up front so I don't have to slide my seat forward to put people in the back and still more room for those in the back if I do it right. maybe make it 12 inches longer than the 2 door. Sure would be unique :-) the 4 door itself is no good for me as the smaller front doors really do make it a tough time for me to get in and out of it. I really need he larger 2 door doors for my 6'4" frame.