Metro Log 2009

This is my Metro Log. as things happen change or whatever I will update this page. Newest news at the top


Metro Log - Mpg date 2009-1217

Finally got around to stopping to take a look at the water spill off thing they built at a lake on Rt206 Pretty neat they even have a small platform to stand on. Lots of foam in the water but still its a neat little structure.

Stopped at advance auto for the brake switch for my pops car and finally remember to get a few pics of us crammed into the metro. thats my sister and her boyfriend in the back and my brother up front. Its a 1:20 minute ride every work day each way if we don't stop anywhere so they usually end up asleep :-)

When it was time to go home there was Frost on the roof so I could not resist a little roof art

Last week I saw this across the street at work and thought it was worth a few kb in the camera :-)

Metro Log - Mpg date 2009-1211

Went to the pick and pull today to stalk a column for my Clubwagon. Did not find any but I got some more goodies for my Metro from the 5 door metro that is now in the yard.

I grabbed the hood and fender since I need both and these were perfect IE no dents. Ok tiny little dent in the fender but its really shallow. a few taps of a hammer and it will be gone.

Finally found the last 2 nuts/screws and it came free rather easily.

Sadly the hood DID NOT fit inside the metro. soooo close. less than 1 inch too big. I could have forced it but this almost certaintly would have damaged it. SO I plopped it onto my hood with some foam to cushion my current hood and jumper cables to hold it down. Keep it to 30mph with the 4 ways for the 7 mile ride back to work where my Van is (storing the parts in the van for now)

The clear coat is coming off but thats ok I need to repaint them anyway to match my critter. I won't install them till I am ready to paint. I hate mismatched parts. Looks sloppy. If I can afford it I am going to grab the passenger fender as well since its also dent free and rust free.

I also created the Metro Rides section of the site today.


Metro Log - Mpg date 2009-1209

Started the metro log!

They finally put that 5 door metro into the yard today. Been drooling over it for some time now I got most of the bolts free of the fender and hood I want. Will come back in a day or so when I have the cash. In the mean time I grabbed the rear view mirror map sensor TPS sensor and resistor. Coil looked different from mine so I left that. I also removed the drivers mirror hopefully it will still be there when I come back. Also grabbed the slider covers for the environmental controls.