94 Metro - Hatch Cover

Initial Foam Board prototype of my Hatch Cover.
Remove the 3 Screw line plastic clips on each side Use the bolts you got when you got your Shelf Lips (you did keep them right?) Right Side Cut Foam board to shape of Curves
Cut off Excess Check Fit Clean up as needed I am going to work on this gap later
Find the Middle Cut and Join two halves Put in car see how it fits. Add the "curve" at the back side of the cover as needed Mark for your hinges Right Side
Dowels in place Installed in car. Snap perfect fit! Test the hinge Enjoy news hatch cover
I let the other piece extend as it will help make my "curve" to make this backside claener later. Use the Ribbon from the flag dowel thing to lift it when you open it. Enjoy - More to come!