My 1994 Geo Metro Xfi

Hatch Strut Replacement

My hatch would not stay up any longer and I was sick of using a stick of wood to do the job. So I got lucky and found some good working struts at the pic and pull for $2 a pop.

Here is the process to replace them.

WARNING the screws use to hold the struts on are used in OTHER places in the car and they SUCK. they are very soft and off course installed VERY tightly.
You need to use the right Phillips bit. The THICK ONE not the thin pointy one. This is critical or you WILL strip them. Push VERY hard and firm and STOP if it feels like it will strip.
Use some vicegrips to "break" them free if need be and then continue with the screw driver.

The Strut on the hatch You need to remove the Plastic Panel To get it free in the middle no need to remove the brake light just push in on the black plastic the overlap is very small Remove the 2 screws from each side CAUTION the hatch is heavier than it seems it will hurt if it falls on you The screws with the bracket
The STOCK struts on my hatch were not designed to separate from the knuckles. You were supposed to unscrew the knuckles themselves alas I did not take the knuckles from the donor car since they were CLEARLY designed to be removable and even serviced. To remove them Using the picture at the left push the strut FARTHER and start to "bounce" the strut. (if you just push you will BEND the knuckle.) bounce it more and harder little by little and it will pop off without damage. Here is the head of the new one its designed to be removed and even designed so you can replace the head itself if you can find more :-) IMG_6872.JPG

I found it easier to lossly tighten the screws CLOSE the hatch and from inside align straighten and Tighten the screws.
Open the hatch fully tighten and install the plastic panel again.

I don't know if this helped but it seems to open and close relatively smoothly.
A mod I want to work on is using some of these struts to hold the HOOD up so I don't have to use the prop :-)

New Struts Installed and supporting the hatch!