My 1994 Geo Metro Xfi

EGR Teardown

Like a nitwit I did not get pictures. The idle was REALLY rough mileage was poor 40mpg and I had a check engine light. Did the diagnostics by putting the fuse in the diagnostics port and it coughed up the code. It was EGR. its $135 so its try and fix it myself first :-)

SO I finally found the EGR and was not looking forward to the work needed to get it out and then while looking at it I realized 90% of the work involved was not even needed. Pop off 2 hoses and 2 bolts and the whole damned thing comes right out. So thats what I did.

Once I had it in my mits it was CLEAR what the problem was massive carbon build up. I spend the next 30 or so minutes attacking it with a screw driver and brake cleaner. Eventually I get it squeaky shiny clean and HEY it moves now!

I shove the brake clean tube up into the hoses that I disconnected and MORE CRAP comes out (I will have to tear into those others parts later)

I reassemble it into the car and start her up. Takes a lot of cranking to get it going little rough but seconds after finally getting it going and it smooths RIGHT DOWN and the check engine light goes off. Bingo. Problem solved. MUCH smoother now.

It still has a slight roughness at idle but I hear this might be normal for the 3cylinder 1.0's I have never seen heard or driven one before so I really have no idea what is normal or not. I guess the emissions test will tell me :-)

When I tear it down again I will take some pictures!