94 Metro - Control Rod

On the way home from work I suddenly got some nasty vibes. Hit the brakes worse so I let go of the brakes and coast in gently applying brakes as needed. I am thinking trailer hitch broken or trailer wheel flat or something with the trailer. Its fine spin the wheels check the hitch its fine. Brother is underneatlh while I am spinning the drivers side trailer wheen and finds the problem. Control Rod snapped in half!

We limp to wawa 3 miles away (under 25 it does not vibrate and I was not going to try for faster) Pop comes takes the other passengers home and I limp home with the trailer. Doing 25mph nothing bad happens we get home fine.

Next morning I need this car fixed TODAY since I leave the next day for a trip. NO ONE and I mean NO one has this part except Napa. They can have it by 1330 so I order it ($62 stinking dollars!) time to get to work removing the old one. Surprisingly easy actually but for one (two) catches :-(

Here is the snapped control rog (I tapped it up so it does not puncture the tire) Close up Closer. Clean break no rust. Probably those frelling pot holes on 206 they were REALLy bad this year after the snow Right half dangling - I need to remove 2 nuts this is one.
This is the other which is also the rear TOE adjustment cam bolt. I get them off and discover my Nemises has returned from the Front Control arms. Notice the problem yet? Yeah that scum sucking no good fraking sleezy filthy son of a #&$( &@)&@ $&)&@ # @)&)&*#$ &@)&# freaking Metal bushing sleeve stayed behind on the bolts. Grrr Here is where it failed on the old one I wonder if that weld notch has anything to do with it? Anyway had to use a torch and an angle grinder and 3 hours later
Here are the parts. Noticed the butchered sleeves in the upper right and the remnants of the left half ot the control rod I had to cut torch bend twice and rip off so I could even get ACCESS to the sleeve to grind and torch it off. Did a little damage to the spindle stuff but only a little seems plenty strong. Butchered the inside mount a little but again seems plenty strong. New control rod installed
New Control Rod I butchered things so much figure no bother even trying to adjust it properly but I put it back anyway. Outside Mount Brake line clipped in place

Once I do the inner tie rods and other outer tie rod I will just have to pay up for a 4 wheel alignment. I am considering doing the other control rod since its probably seized as well but maybe I should leave good enough alone and just leave it be till its a problem :-)