My 1994 Geo Metro Xfi
Lower Control Arms

The Lower control arms are typically very easy. Its literally 4 bolts. 2 holding the rear bushing 1 holding the front bushing and one holding the ball joint to the spindle.

In reality its never that easy. On mine half the forward bushing stayed behind on the front mounting bracket
and on the passenger side one of the blind welded nuts for the rear bushing bracket broke free leaving me unable to losen or tighten the bolt.
Here is the odeal in pictures.

I removed the front mounting bracket. See the washer and the "tube" over the bolt threads? they are not supposed to be their :-) I heat the crap out of it with a torch. Spray PB dunk in water Spray PB and repeat until it moves. Once it moves I heat it up a lot more and then start whacking it. I NOW have a better way of doing this after doing the second one. I Place the vicegrips loosely ABOVE the washer on the bracket and hammer down. Now the vicegrips push on the washer and off it comes lickity split. Ok 20-30 minutes each. YEAH its finally off. I reinstall the bracket and install the new lower control arm. Be sure to toss these parts INCLUDING that washer after you hammer it flat again in the bucket of water or you will regret it. They stay sear your flesh hot a lot longer than you might think.
New control arm in place. Place the ball joint stud into the hole if it resists just tap lightly on the bottom and it will pop right in. Insert retaining bolt and torque it down. This is where the front mounting bracket goes. NOW onto the next problem. The busted nut. A drawing of the parts related to the lower control arms.
After much exploratory drilling I found it. Had to go through TWO LAYERS of metal to get to it. YES ! its a square nut! I can work with that! I was fearing it would be a tube nut. Applied a 14mm wrench and retightenend it.
As you can see I first tried to find the GOOD hole not knowing it was TWO layers if metal. I did find a hole but it tricked me. it was just a drain hole so I was drilling in the wrong spot by 2 inches. I found it quickly once I realized this. There is the drain hole that tricked me. I left it exactly as you see it under the carpet. I am going to have my mechanic spot weld that nut back into place. I will then cut away the crap here and make a new "plate" to screw into place to cover this whole. No welding for that I want access should I need it again in the future.