94 Metro - Caliper & Pads

MY pads wore VERY unevenly. On the driver side the outer pad was nearly new but wearing at an angle the passenger side failed a week later (yes I checked they were full brand new thickness) SO just in case I also replaced the calipers as well. Calipers are very easy. 2 bolts holding the caliper in (APPLY HEAT if in doubt they WILL break) and the hose line.

One thing that nagged me was the "stuff" it came with. how do you put them on? well they were intact enough on the passenger side that now I kow. SO here are some pics for how to apply the 3 bits that come with the pads. When I redo the brakes to grease everything up I will have more pics but thats for later.

These are the bits Here is the one for the bottom The one for the top and this is your squeaker. Careful slide the
assemly in or tries to sneak BEHIND the spindle
and it won't assemble right if that happens. it
compresses and slide IN with the pads. This is
what your hear "squeaking" when your pads get
low :-)

I will get more pics later on!